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Scope Ratings publishes enhanced sovereign credit risk analytical guidelines

Assessment of sovereign risk represents an important element underpinning ratings for financial institutions, corporates and financial instruments


Scope publishes SME CLO Rating Methodology and calls for comments

The proposed methodology applies to securitisations of portfolios of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


Scope updates its bank rating methodology: resolution regime remains central element

Updated methodology also takes account of the more recent regulatory developments, including rating criteria for forthcoming MREL/TLAC debt.


European Alternative Energy Outlook: Solid credit quality despite large leveraged investments

Scope expects industry growth to result from large heavily debt-financed investments. This should be driven by the low interest environment and the EU’s targets to increase the share of renewable energies.


Scope Ratings Publishes Covered Bond Rating Methodology and Calls for Comments

Scope Ratings identifies the enhanced regulatory architecture for banks and the resulting preferential status of covered bonds in resolution regimes as a credit quality game changer.

Company News

Scope Publishes Revised Rating Methodology for Closed-End AIFs and Calls for Comments

Scope Ratings has further developed its rating methodology for closed-end alternative investment funds (AIFs) and will extend its AIF ratings to all of Europe.


Structured Finance and Covered Bonds: 2015 Outlook

Scope Ratings expects an increase in European structured finance (SF) issuance volumes in 2015, supported by ECB-driven spread compression. However, the low spreads will partially mask the different credit risk levels of the individual issuances.

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