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Legal Risks and Bank Ratings: The case of the two recent guilty pleas in the US

Scope Ratings examines the financial and fundamental impact of the recent guilty pleas by Credit Suisse and BNP Paribas for violating various US laws.


Scope Ratings Publishes Rating Methodology for AT1 and Tier 2 Bank Capital Instruments

The methodology takes into account that AT1 and T2 instruments are subject to principal loss-absorption risks and that AT1 securities are exposed to coupon cancellation risks.

Studies & Reports

UBS AG: Examining UBS Holding Company Structure

Scope analyzes the new post-Basel 3 legal structure of UBS

Studies & Reports

Delinking Bank Ratings from Sovereign Assessments: the Case of Large Spanish and Italian Banks

Given recent regulatory developments, credit risk should be analyzed on the basis of each bank’s fundamentals, rather than as a proxy for sovereign risk.

Alternative Investment Funds

Scope Ratings veröffentlicht offene Immobilienfonds Ratings 2014

• Fünf Fonds heraufgestuft, acht Ratings konstant, fünf Herabstufungen • Ein Jahr nach Einführung KAGB: Netto-Mittelzuflüsse im ersten Quartal 2014 deutlich verringert • Trennlinie zwischen Anbieter offener und geschlossener Fonds weicht auf

Financial Institutions

Scope Ratings Publishes Short-Term Ratings on 18 Large European Banks

No mechanistic correlation between short-term and long-term ratings

Studies & Reports

French Banks Prove Resilient to the Sluggish French Economy

: Scope Ratings has looked at how French banks are weathering the economic difficulties in their home country.


Corporate Rating Methodology

Scope Ratings has published a call for comments for its refined corporate rating methodology as part of its ongoing efforts to further increase the transparency and stability of its ratings of corporate issuers across Europe. The rating agency welcomes any market comments by latest August 15.

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