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Company news

Scope Ratings opens Madrid and Paris offices

Scope’s European is moving ahead with new offices in Madrid and Paris. Along with Berlin and London, Scope is now represented in four European countries.

Company news

Scope Ratings further expands personnel

Scope Ratings strengthens team with recognised and experienced experts across various departments.


Comparing credit fundamentals with market metrics of rated banks

Scope looks at credit-market valuation metrics of the banks it covers publicly and compares their relative position to its ratings and credit opinions.


Scope publishes counterparty risk methodology

Call for comments for proposed methodology building on post-crisis realities and resulting limited likelihood of banks defaulting in the short term.

Financial Institutions

Updated analyses of 25 European banks rated by Scope now in a single document

Document is an accessible and comprehensive research and reference tool for investors and other parties interested in bank risk.

Company News

Scope raises capital base by 7.5 millions euros; AQTON SE is new anchor shareholder

In the first three months of 2015, Scope Ratings has issued new shares totalling 7.5 million euros.


Scope’s Bank Rating Activities: Why Now and How Are We Different

This document aims to answer two questions:
1. Why start offering new bank ratings and analyses now?
2. How are we different in part from other existing rating narratives?

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