Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments

Scope's analysis focuses on the underlying asset itself, drawing on 12+ years of experience in rating funds in the real-estate, infrastructure and transport segments. Its long-standing expertise gives it a broad overview of the whole sector. These analyses are supplemented by asset management evaluations carried out by the agency's management rating experts.

In its specialized investment segments, Scope has broad market coverage, in many cases far over 85 percent. Scope has rated all market relevant fund types like Closed-end funds, Open property funds, Structured, Index products, and Equity Funds.

Rating process

Our ratings are designed to contribute to the efficiency and transparency of European capital markets. For institutional investors they provide decision-making support. For issuers, they facilitate access to capital markets and broaden the investor base.

Our fund ratings evaluate the quality of a capital investment. Depending on the respective vehicle, quantitative criteria such as the risk-yield relationship are considered, as well as qualitative factors such as management quality.


Scope's methodologies applied to all types of funds incorporate both quantitative and qualitative criteria, with an emphasis on transparency, whether regarding key assumptions or rating drivers.