Financial Institutions

Institutional investors expect rating agencies like Scope to provide accurate ratings and quality, forward-looking credit research to facilitate their investment decisions. As a Germany-based rating agency, we aim to extend our service offering to investors across Europe and look forward to contributing to a greater diversity of opinions among rating agencies in today's capital markets.

Market feedback received focuses on the need for clearer, more forward-looking and transparent ratings to reflect post-crisis reality. Therefore, Scope Ratings addresses the bank-sovereign links, re-regulation (incl. bail-in replacing bail-out) and the growing importance of market sentiments on banks.

A decision-making tool for investors

Our ratings are designed to contribute to the efficiency and transparency of European capital markets. For institutional investors they provide decision-making support. For issuers, they facilitate access to capital markets and broaden the investor base. Investment banks and regulatory authorities use our ratings as well to measure credit risk. Scope applies the internationally recognized rating scale ranging from AAA to D. A rating does not represent a buy or sell recommendation.

Scope provides its institutional investors with a dedicated research platform with access to all ratings, regular publications and a wide range of research material.

Latest research

Scope offers institutional investors forward-looking, opinionated research on banks across Europe. This includes regularly updated and monitored issuer reports, industry outlooks, comparative analyses, theme-specific think pieces and forecast analysis for institutional investors. Our research output is supported by investor roundtables, face-to-face meetings with clients and theme-specific workshops and seminars.

We welcome any feedback from investors about topics and themes Scope should cover more prominently in its research & analysis in the future.

Meet our analysts

Scope is committed to delivering rating analyses to our institutional clients on a timely basis. We therefore engage in a transparent dialogue with market participants across Europe, either in face-to-face meetings or at events. We offer tailor-made investor roundtables and seminars to inform about current credit, market and product trends.


The methodology includes details on rating subordinated debt and capital instruments. A separate methodology on rating covered bonds will be published in the near future. Scope has also published a separate methodology focusing in detail on forecasting bank financials. In order to gain credibility with investors, forward-looking ratings must be underpinned by forward-looking financial and business analysis.