Public Finance

Institutional investors expect rating agencies such as Scope to provide accurate, timely, forward-looking credit research of high quality to help in their investment decisions. As an European-based rating agency Scope aims at extending services to investors across Europe and look forward to contributing to rating transparency and a greater diversity of opinion among rating agencies in today’s capital markets.

A decision-making tool for investors

Scope’s ratings are designed to contribute positively to the efficiency and transparency of European capital markets. The ratings provide decision-making support for institutional investors. The ratings also facilitate access to capital markets and broaden the investor base for issuers. Scope applies the internationally recognized rating scale for AAA to D. A rating does not represent in any way, shape or form any sort of buy or sell recommendation.

Scope provides institutional investor clients with a dedicated research platform with access to all ratings, regular publications and a wide range of research material

Meet Our Analysts

Scope is committed to delivering rating analysis to institutional clients on a timely basis. In order to do so, Scope engages in a transparent dialogue with market participants across Europe, either in personal meetings or at events. Scope offers bespoke investor roundtables and seminars to inform clients about current credit, market and product trends.