Scope provides unique forward-looking insights for issuers on public finance risks, providing them with an understanding of the challenges facing sovereign and sub-sovereign issuers based on a European perspective.


Scope’s dual approach to sovereign risk provides issuers with a strong forward-looking qualitative, independent risk assessment firmly grounded in quantitative analysis.

Scope’s experienced international team and its unique sovereign analysis approach helps issuers gain greater insight into sovereign risk and provides:

  • Early Risk Detection: Credit opinion formed by rigorous forward-looking analysis.
  • Transparency: Scorecard documentation of quantitative & qualitative analysis
  • Broad Credit Risk Analysis: Separate analytical category “Financial Stability Risk"
  • Enhanced Risk Identification: Multiple-equilibria analysis to identify risks
  • Empirical Approach: Scenarios based on tested causalities
  • Option Analysis: Exploration of potential action/reaction of sovereigns


Scope’s approach to sub-sovereign risk provides issuers with a strong forward-looking fundamental-based analysis, complemented by rigorous peer-group review.

Scope’s sub-sovereign analysis provides issuers with a global approach from a team of experienced analysts to better understand sub-sovereign risk:

  • Customized assessments for the post-crisis European policy environment
  • Forward looking approach for transparent & consistent ratings
  • Greater understanding of European public finances
  • Analyst expertise and judgement drive the rating analysis
  • Integrated credit risk analysis for sovereigns and sub-sovereigns
  • Ratings meet demand for transparency from regulators and investors