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Scope affirms AA- Issuer Rating of Santander following announced acquisition of Popular

The acquisition of the troubled Spanish bank should not change Santander’s group risk profile; Scope highlights the importance of the announced rights issue to neutralise capital impacts.

Scope Ratings has today affirmed the AA- Issuer Rating of Santander, with Stable Outlook. The rating action follows yesterday’s announcement by Santander of the acquisition of Banco Popular, as well as the intention to raise equity to finance a material increase in provisions on Popular’s non-performing assets.

Santander announced on June 7 that they were taking over Popular, for a nominal price of EUR 1, from the Resolution Authority (RA). Popular had been previously deemed “failing or likely to fail” by the ECB and placed in resolution by the Single Resolution Board (SRB). The resolution actions included the writedown of equity and capital securities (AT1 and Tier 2) as well as the sale of business to Santander.

According to Scope, the acquisition should not materially alter the risk profile of Santander, which remains grounded in retail and commercial banking in Spain and worldwide, with a high degree of diversification. According to Scope, Popular will account for c.10% of group assets post-merger, and as much as almost one-third of Spanish assets.

Commenting on the strategic rationale of the transaction, Scope noted that it materially increases Santander’s market share in Spain, and particularly in the SME segment, where Popular’s franchise is stronger. With a 20% market share in loans, Santander will rank as the first banking group in Spain.

According to the rating agency, a downside risk to the transaction stems from the large portfolio of NPAs which came with Popular. However, Santander concomitantly announced a EUR 7bn capital increase, to be used, together with the converted capital instruments, for raising coverage of Popular’s real estate non-performing loans and assets to 75% and 65%, respectively. Such levels are in Scope’s view reassuringly higher than at other Spanish banks.

As another risk, Scope cited the uncertainty related to any possible future claim by Popular’s shareholders and investors in its capital instruments.

Affirmed with Stable Outlook were Santander’s Issuer Rating (AA-), senior long-term debt ratings (A+), Tier 2 ratings (A-) and AT1 ratings (BBB-). The short-term rating was also affirmed at S-1 with Stable Outlook.

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