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Scope rates German power and gas company Uniper SE at BBB+, Stable Outlook

The first-time ratings reflect Scope’s view on Uniper’s diversified business mix of regulated and non-regulated utility segments and strong financial risk profile, to which management is committed through a conservative financial policy.

Scope Ratings assigns a corporate issuer rating of BBB+ to Germany-based Uniper SE. The Outlook is Stable. Scope also assigns an S-2 short-term rating. The senior unsecured debt under the debt issuance programme is rated BBB+.

Rating rationale

Scope regards the company’s business risk profile to be driven by its dominant position among the top 10 power generators in major western European markets combined with its strong position within different service territories in Russia. While the company’s high exposure to commodity trading, particularly to gas, weighs on its overall margins compared to those of other European utilities, its credit quality is supported by its wide outreach within gas trading in Germany, covering almost half of the country’s needs. Nevertheless, Scope regards the company’s cash flow to be strongly influenced by the industry-inherent volatility in gas trading, the achievable pricing for outright power generation in major European markets, and its significant exposure to the Russian rouble. In light of the energy transition, i.e. decarbonisation and decentralisation, Scope regards Uniper’s shift of its business mix towards regulated and quasi-regulated segments (such as capacity remuneration), as well as shrinking results from volatile merchant segments (gas exploration), as gradually strengthening its business risk profile.

Uniper’s financial risk profile strongly supports the overall issuer rating. The company has strongly deleveraged over the last two years, helped by solid operating cash flows, fairly restricted investment needs and asset disposals. Scope highlights that the envisaged proceeds from the Yuzhno Russkoye disposal, EUR 1.7bn to be received by the end of 2017, will further reduce leverage. Despite Scope’s expectations about weaker operating cash flows, which are predominantly driven by lower power prices and the sale of the E&P business, the company will not require significant external financing, thanks to comparatively limited maintenance and dedicated growth capex over the next 2.5 years, and a dividend payout linked to free operating cash flows.

Current and expected key credit metrics signal a strong financial position as indicated by a Scope-adjusted leverage of comfortably below 2.0x (Scope-adjusted debt/EBITDA 2016: 1.7x; 2017E: 0.9x; 2018E: 0.6x) and an EBITDA/interest cover of well above 10.0x. However, Scope’s assessment of Uniper’s financial risk profile is based on a Scope-adjusted leverage of between 1.5-1.7x in the mid-term as Uniper may use the significant cash cushion from the sale of Yuzhno Russkoye to exploit investment opportunities. In light of Scope’s leverage expectations for 2018/19E the company would have a theoretical headroom on additional debt of significantly more than EUR 1bn before reaching Scope's assumption on a leverage between 1.5-1.7x.

Key rating drivers

The ratings are driven positively by the following:

  • Ongoing shift towards more cash flow from regulated and quasi-regulated activities, which can partly offset the volatility from non-regulated activities
  • Dominant player in European power and gas supply
  • Strong diversification regarding markets, technologies, and some integration across the power utilities’ value chain, thereby limiting the incremental effect of underperformance in particular business segments
  • Well-shielded market position in the regulated Russian power market
  • Strong financial risk profile following deleveraging efforts, supported by the conservative financial policy and comfortable liquidity profile

The following points limit the rating:

  • Overall business risk profile significantly weaker than the financial risk profile
  • Blended industry risks at BB+ primarily driven by strong dependence on cyclical business in non-regulated power generation and commodity trading
  • Cash flow volatility stemming from still-high exposure to merchant business risks
  • Profitability strongly impacted by external non-controllable effects and overall margin dilution by high share of trading business
  • Significant exposure to the volatile Russian rouble

S-2 short-term rating

The assigned S-2 short-term rating reflects Uniper’s sound liquidity profile. While Scope highlights the company’s operating strength with expected positive free cash flows over the next few years, Uniper’s liquidity also comprises a EUR 2bn debt issuance programme (EUR 1.5bn unused), a EUR 1bn commercial paper programme and committed undrawn credit facilities of EUR 2.5bn. The company’s new financial structure after the spin-off from E.ON SE has strongly reduced refinancing needs over the next few years. Scope expects Uniper to comfortably refinance upcoming debt maturities through internal cash sources.


The Stable Outlook reflects Scope’s expectations that Uniper will retain its strong financial risk profile, by aligning leverage to its announced target of comfortably below 2.0x (using Uniper’s definition of economic net debt/EBITDA). The envisaged disposal of its stake in the Russian gas field Yuzhno Russkoye at the end of 2017 will give Uniper comfortable headroom for further investments and a further growth of Uniper’s dividend payouts from Scope’s perspective, without threatening the company’s leverage guidance. Moreover, Scope’s Stable Outlook incorporates further stabilisation of the business risk profile, through a gradually higher share of regulated and quasi-regulated infrastructure activities.

A rating upgrade could be warranted if Uniper were to keep its already very low leverage below 1.0x (Scope-adjusted debt/EBITDA) over a longer period, which could result from investment headroom not being utilised.

A negative rating action could be required if leverage exceeded a Scope-adjusted debt/EBITDA of 1.8x on a sustainable basis, due to a persistence of low achievable wholesale prices in power generation or low commodity prices in the trading business or large debt-financed acquisitions.

The full rating report, which includes the rating rationale and analytical details, is available HERE.

Analyst Conference Call

Scope will present the ratings of Uniper SE in a telephone and web conference. Analysts are available at the end to answer questions.

Scope’s Analyst Conference Calls allow investors, decision-makers and advisors from banks and other distribution channels to be informed on the main aspects of current fund analyses.

The Analyst Conference Call will take place on Tuesday, 20 June 2017 at 2:30 pm CET.

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