16. Jun 2017 Scope research  – Sub-sovereign

Scope updates methodology for sub-sovereign ratings

The update introduces long-term and short-term credit ratings, both in local and foreign currency. Existing ratings are unaffected.

Scope Ratings AG (hereafter: Scope) today published its updated sub-sovereign rating methodology. The update introduces long-term and short-term credit ratings both in local and foreign currency and explains Scope’s approach to assigning local- and foreign-currency ratings as well as short-term ratings to sub-sovereigns in advanced economies.

“With this publication, Scope will be able to improve its service to investors and to differentiate, if justified, between sub-sovereign credit ratings in local and foreign currencies. It will also allow Scope to address risks related to the short-term obligations of sub-sovereign governments when assigning short-term ratings”, says Dr Ilona Dmitrieva, a director at Scope’s Public Finance department and author of the methodology.

The rest of the existing methodology is unchanged, and the changes introduced do not affect existing ratings. The updated methodology will supersede the previously published sub-sovereign rating methodology.

Download the updated methodology


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