20. Apr 2017 Rating news  – Closed-end Funds

Scope rates closed-end alternative investment fund IMMAC 84. at aAIF

The rating is driven positively by lease agreements extending beyond the planned duration of the fund and the very good Asset Management Rating of HKA Hanseatische Kapitalverwaltung AG.

The investor participates in a retail AIF that holds two nursing homes located within 50 km of each other in Lower Saxony, Germany. The facility in Seesen was built in 1997 with 155 care places, but the operator aims to reduce this number to 136. The second facility was built in Hardegsen in 1992, with additions to the building constructed in 1996. As in the Seesen facility, the number of care places in Hardegsen will be reduced from 154 to 130 in order to increase the single-room ratio.

In both locations, contracts were made with a single leaseholder, DOREA, active on the market since 2015. These contracts are for 20 years, which outlast the fund’s maturity. The total investment volume is EUR 27.5m, of which EUR 12.2m is financed through senior debt, making the fund’s debt ratio 44.4%. Initial costs comprise around 21.7% of equity, in addition to an agio of 5%.

Scope anticipates a return of 4.25% p.a. with a downside volatility of 2.11%. The fund’s risk-return ratio is expected to generate a good risk-adjusted return according to Scope’s estimates.

The rating is driven positively by:

  • Lease agreements extending beyond the planned duration of the fund
  • Fixed debt financing over 10 years with a comparatively high amortisation rate
  • Completed transfer of ownership of both properties
  • Scope’s very good Asset Management Rating of HKA Hanseatische Kapitalverwaltung AG

Scope has identified the following risk drivers:

  • Comparatively limited diversification due to the close proximity of the properties and the same leaseholder
  • Limited repurposing potential of the care facilities
  • Refinancing risk after 10 years
  • Leaseholder’s probability of default
  • Locations in a structurally weak region with increased competitive pressure resulting from new construction at the Seesen facility
  • High initial costs compared with retail AIF peers’

Scope’s analysis has yielded the following figures:

  • Break-even probability: 98.48%
  • Probability of losses: 1.52%
  • Value at risk: 4.61% (a loss of 4.61% is not exceeded in 99.9% of all simulations)
  • Risk class: 4

HKA Hanseatische Kapitalverwaltung AG is the market leader in the area of closed-end funds for the healthcare-oriented real estate segment. An Asset Management Rating by Scope of AAAMR is also available as of 8 November 2016.

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Rating history
20.04.2017 | Initial Rating | aAIF
14.03.2017 | Affirmation | (P) aAIF
29.11.2016 | Preliminary rating | (P) aAIF

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